Select the needed assembly-activities I have to make.

If you want a small change from the possibilities shown, put it in the order comment. Prior to the start of the assembly we will contact you to see if all is clear.

When you choose the movement-upgrade, do not forget to add the signed crown, with the standard crown, the movement cannot be operated.

When you look at the prices for the assembly-activities, you will notice there are only two variants : 35 euro if the hands need to be removed, 27,50 euro if the glass needs to be taken out, and 62,50 euro if both apply. To change a dial ring, the glass needs to be removed, to change a dial, the hands needs to be removed.

After assembly-work, the movement is always regulated!

Change of the bezel insert is a separate operation, it is not combined with other operations and can be chosen when you add the bezel insert.

To keep these low prices, I keep the replaced parts.