Coin Edge bezel for SKX0xx

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I have been selling third party coin edge bezels for years, but I was never 100% happy with them (too tight from CrystalTimes, too wide from OneSecondCloser). Finally I developed the ultimate Coin Edge for the SKX-diver myself. I used the original design from the SKX-bezel for the inside, and used a design with strong teeth for good grip for the “coin”-side. It fits and clicks like the original SKX-bezel, and does not need thicker or thinner gaskets. The OEM gasket will be installed when you buy it. .

The coin edge bezel comes with a circle-shaped double sided tape from 3M, those can be used to attach a bezel insert. Bezel inserts are sold by, for instance, Yobokies, Dagaz, DragonShroud, One Second Closer or even on Ebay (outer width 38mm, inner width at least 31.5mm). Use flat bezel inserts, the curved/sloped ones are higher in the middle and will give a sharp edge and an open space between the glass and the bezel insert when you use the OEM glass or the various sapphires.

For those “sloped” bezel inserts, there is special sapphire, with a “stepped” design. Higher in the middle and with a smaller diameter on top because those sloped bezel inserts usually have a 30,5mm inner width

I also sell flat bezel inserts (aluminum, steel, ceramic1, ceramic2), those can be ordered aswell, and when you tell me to in the order-comment, I will install it.

When you buy this bezel together with an SKXxxx, I assume the coin edge needs to be installed and will do so. If not needed, please say it in the order-remarks..